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    • DNJ
    • 1-DNJ,[Prodect Effect]Inhibit the activity of Viruses
    • TAM-100TM
    • It is the feed additive for Ruminant livestock and poultry
    • It is the microbial feed additives in livestock and poultry
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    •     Established in 2000, Biotopia is one of the leading bio-enterprises that strive to produce only the highest quality products. The company¡¯s main products include functional foods and cosmetics, feed additives, and all-natural new medicine, all of which are the products of Biotopia researcher...¡¾Details¡¿
      Qinhuangdao Biotopia Biological Technology Co., Ltd. TEL:0335-8560633     0335-8560611 Fax:0335-8560655 Email: biotopia@synhon.com Address: NO.85 YouYi Road HaiGgang District QinHuangDao,China.